At your service for GDPR compliance

The new UK Data Protection Act received Royal Assent 23rd May 2018 and the GDPR on which it is largely based followed two days later. However the Information Commissioner has publicly stated that "25th May is the beginning, not the end" and for most businesses there is still plenty left to do.

Your responsibilities under this new UK legislation are more stringent than previously, primarily because, in fulfilment of the requirement for transparency, you need to document and justfy what you do with personal data in much more detail than you have had to in the past. That ultimately means documented policies and procedures specifically aligned to the regulatory regime, and processes to ensure that your obligations to data subjects and the ICO can be fulfilled on demand, however infrequently those processes are called upon.

Management Consulting can assist you by
helping you to prioritise your efforts towards full compliance
guiding the specification and development of internal standards, processes and documentation to fulfil your obligations
delivering training and model processes for risk and information management
assessing and guiding your current progress towards compliance
reviewing and assessing your compliance documentation
Unlike many consultancies, we do not just audit your business and send you a report. We take the time and make the effort to understand your operational context and concerns, and from that basis provide you with practical help to achieve your goals. We do this by a balance of enquiry, guidance and hands-on support, so, where appropriate, our service can be closer to interim management than conventional consulting. However you have the benefit of this service for much or little time as you need. We have performed assignments ranging from continued support extending to years to addressing specific issues resolved in less than a day, so your need defines and drives our services to you.